German Submarine ''U-20''

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By Crusader1307

Possibly one of the most “infamous” Submarines of World War I, The German Submarine U-20 was the ship responsible for the sinking of The RMS ''Lusitania'' in 1915. This single action, changed the course of the War for Germany (by causing America to lend her military might to World War I), thus ending the conflict. Built in 1910, U-20 was classed as a Type 19 Submarine. She displaced over 800 tons and was 210 feet long. She was 24 feet in height (beam). Capable of 30 miles per hour on the surface, she could make 11 miles per hour submerged. U-20 was capable of submerging to 260 feet. Armed with (6) Torpedoes, she also had a Hotchkiss 1.5 inch Deck Gun and a 8.8mm SK L/30 Machine Gun. Tasked with attacking military targets, U-20 began implementing Germany's attack policy on Merchant Shipping. Germany believed many Passenger Ships were being falsely used to transport War munitions as well. Though debated (by all sides), U-20 torpedoed the RMS ''Lusitania'' in 1915 – with a loss of 1,191 lives. 128 Americans (mostly women and children), were also lost. This served as the impetus (by 1917), for America's full military involvement in World War I – against Imperial Germany.