German Submarine U-25

  • World War II
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By Crusader1307

The Kriegsmarine (German) Submarine U-25 was a ''Type 1A'' - Class Warship, launched in 1934. Although short lived in Service, The U-25 sink (8) Enemy Ships equaling over 50,000-tons. She would be sunk by a British Mine in 1940, with complete loss of Crew. The U-25 was 850-tons displaced, and measured 240-feet long. Her Beam was 20-feet. Powered by Twin 8-cylinder Diesel Engines and Twin Electric Motors. She could achieve 12-mph ''surface speed'' and 4-mph submerged. Crewed by 42 Officers and Men, ''U-25'' was armed with (14) 21-inch Torpedoes and (28) Mines. She also supported (1) 4-inch Deck Gun and (1) 1-inch AA Gun.