German Sturmpistole

  • World War II
  • Less than 1 min

By Crusader1307

With prototypes first developed for The German Army in 1942, The Sturmpistole was a Firearms Enhancement System. Designed for Infantry use, the firearm served the dual purpose of both Flare Gun (Signaling) and Grenade Launcher. Rounds created for The Sturmpistole also included Smoke and HE types. Hand held, The Sturmpistole also had a stock attachment, which allowed it to be shoulder fired for greater ease and accuracy with recoil. The firearm had a 50-meter range only. This was somewhat problematic due to the detonation time of various Grenades used with the gun. Rounds were locked into place and held firmly by the outer frame. Although seldom used after 1943, The Sturmpistole was deployed with The German Army during it's Invasion of Russia.