German Seitengewehr Model 98 Bayonet

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By Crusader1307

First produced in 1898, The German Infantry Bayonet Model 98 was one of the first ''long blade'' produced knives for Imperial use. Modeled after a similar French version from 1906, The 21-inch blade was affixed to The German Gewehr Rifle. As was common, The Blade was produced with a single (cutting) edge with a serated (saw) top. However by the start of World War I, ''Saw Blades'' were deemed ''immoral'' for Combat use. Again, as was common - many Infantry Soldiers confined to Trench Warfare - often used The Seitengewehr 98 as a Fighting Knife, even sharpening both sides of the blade, thus creating an even more ''gruesome'' injury. The Model 98 would be maintained well into 1935 and the rise of German National Socialist. However by the start of World War II (Europe, 1939) - most Models were reserved for Homeguard and Police Units in Germany.