German Seitengewehr Model 42 Bayonet

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By Crusader1307

The German Seitengewehr Model 42 Bayonet, was produced in 1942, for use by The German Army during World War II. It was seen as a viable replacement to the earlier World War I Gewehr Model 98 Rifle. Rather than being used strictly as a Bayonet, The Model 42 was used as a Multi-Tool and Fighting Knife. Over 10,000 Models were made for use. Rather than wood for Body Grips, high impact resin was used. The single edged blade was 12-inches long and had a small detachable pouch on the Scabbard. Inside this was small tools for rifle maintenance (if needed). As an additional innovation, the handle ''butt'' featured a device to aid with extracting jammed cartridges.