German ''Sachen'' - Class Frigate

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By Crusader1307

The ''Sachen'' – Class of Air Defense Frigate is currently in use by The German Navy. First designed in 1999, this Class pf Frigate was deployed in 2003. There are currently (3) such Warships in Service. The''Sachen'' is also a platform for various types of ''Stealth'' technology – making it particularly effective in today's ''Modern'' Naval Theater of Operations. The Class displaces 5,800-tons and is 470-feet in length. The Beam is 60-feet. Power is provided by Diesel and Gas Turbines and can achieve 33-mph on open seas. The ''Sachen'' – Class supports over 230 Officers and Men. Armament includes (1) 76mm Main Deck Gun, (2) 27mm Auto-Cannons, (32) RIM-162 and SM-2 SA Missile Batteries. The Class can support many configurations of Air Defense Systems. They can also support Torpedoes and (2) attack and Reconnaissance Helicopters.