German Rocket Boats

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By Crusader1307

Yet another of Hitler’s “Wonder Weapons”, the hopeful plan to create a type of early “ballistic” Submarine – almost came to fruition. The first attempts that were envisioned was in 1941. The use of the Multiple Rocket Launcher, The Nebelwerfer – which was mounted onto the Decks of a U-Boat was tested. No loss of trajectory was suffered from the underwater launching (12 Meters), but without an accurate guidance system, the test was concluded as ineffective. In 1943, with the success of The V-1 – it was planned to develop a specialized launching system which could be mounted on Submarines as well. Several attempts were made. In design, the Submarine was to be fitted with an outside Silo onto the Deck of The Boat. Rising to the surface, Crews could them launch The Rocket. It was planned to sent many such “Rocket Boats” to New York City and bomb it (Operation: Teardrop). American Intelligence actually discovered the Plan and developed a counter measure for it. The US Navy concentrated an interdiction Fleet in The Atlantic, and completely destroyed a U-Boat “Fleet” which may have well been the forefront of The Operation. Hitler attempted no further actions in this development.