German Rammsjager Fighter Plane

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By Crusader1307

Also referred to as The “Zeppelin Rammsjager'', was a late War production Aircraft Design. (16) Prototypes were manufactured for Luftwaffe use by 1945 – but the primary Zeppelin Factory where they were built and stored was destroyed by Allied Bombers. As such, none were ever deployed. In theory, The “Rammsjager” was seen as a “suicide” Fighter. It was to be used to ram (in-air), Allied Bombers over Germany. The “Rammsjager” was also rocket propelled by a solid fuel booster. The “Rammsjager” was rated at 25-feet long with a wingspan of 35-feet. The Nose of the Aircraft was reinforced Cone, into which was fitted (14) 55mm Rockets. In practice, The “Rammsjager” would achieve it's operational ceiling of 39,000-feet at 600-mph and engage high-altitude Allied Bombers with it's rockets. After rocket deployment, The “Rammsjager” would proceed to ram Allied wings and tails – attempting to cripple and or crash Enemy Bombers. The final tactic was to simply crash The “Rammsjager” into the fuselage of a Bomber.