German ''P''- Class Heavy Cruiser

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By Crusader1307

The ''P''-Class Heavy Cruiser was yet another part of The German Kreigsmarine re-arming and re-development Plan ''Z'' Designed to replace The ''Deutschland''-Class Cruisers of World War I, it was determined that a total of (12) such Heavy Cruisers would be constructed. Roughly 26,000- tons displaced, The ''P''-Class was also to be 755-feet in length with a Beam of 85-feet. (12) MAN, 9-cylinder Engines would have provided the 121,000-KWs needed. Speed was rated at 33-knots on open Sea. Armor for The ''P''-Class was rated at between 1.2 to 4.7-inches throughout their Superstructures and Hulls. The Class would have supported (2) Arado-196 Seaplanes (catapult launch). Armament was determined to be (6) 11-inch Main Guns, (4) 5.9-inch Guns, (4) 4-inch AA Guns, (1) 1-inch AA Guns and the ability to support (6) 21-inch Torpedoes. Although work was supposed to begin in 1939, Hitler decided that Plan ''Z'' was to be canceled. The ''P''-Class were never constructed.