German Panzerschreck

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By Crusader1307

Also known as "The Panzerschreck", this weapon was Germany's answer to The US M-1. It's development story is unique to say the least. Germany had no counter to The US weapon, until a crate of M-1s were captured in Tunisia. Back-engineering the weapon, they invented The RPzb 43. Very much different that it's "cousin", the weapon was 65-inches long and weighed 25-pounds. Designed to fire a 88mm (19-inch rocket), it only had a 150 meter effective range.
Conversely, specialized protocols needed to be followed  (unlike The M-1), in order to fire the weapon. Due to the back-blast of the rocket, a metal plate was installed to "face" the Users head. In addition, a special leather full head/face Hood  (with goggles), had to be worn (least the User be blinded or burned). The Panzerschreck could be deployed with 1 or 2 soldiers. Named "The Panzerfaust" (incorrectly), by The Allies, it was effective against Tanks and other assets (capable of penetrating up to 3-inches of armor plate). 300,000 were estimated to have been produced from 1942 to 1945.