German Panzerfaust AT Weapon

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By Crusader1307

The so named German Panzerfaust  (or "Armor Fist", was an individual fired, disposable weapon, designed to allow a single soldier to disable enemy Tanks. The Panzerfaust was not a rocket propelled weapon, relying on a black powder ignited charge. If fact, The Panzerfaust did not even have a trigger. Activation was by a raised platform/pedestal, centered on the tube itself. When depressed, the resulting spark would send the round 60 meters. Panzerfaust weapons were disposable after one shot. The 3 foot tube was made of holliw,wood and weighed 14 pounds. It fired a 14.5 inch shaped warhead was filled with 14 ounces of TNT. The warhead could travel 92 feet per second. They were typically HE rounds. The Panzerfaust could penetrate up to 5-inches of armor plating. An average soldier could carry several devices. Panzerfaust's saw 5 variants manufactured between 1943-1945. The basic design of a disposable, single-use weapon would lead to more effective modern designs, still in use today.