German ''O''- Class Battlecruiser

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By Crusader1307

The ''O''-Class was a German Kreigsmarine Battlecruiser, envisioned for deployment during World War II. The Ship Class was part of Operational Plan ''Z'' (The German Naval re-armament scheme). Planning for The ''O''-Class was to begin in 1939, with (3) such Battlecruisers to be constructed. Roughly 35,000-tons displaced, The ''O''-Class were to be 840-feet in length with a standard beam (height) of 98-feet. Power was to be supplied via (8) 24-cylinder Diesel Engines with (4) Boilers. Average speed was determined to be 40-mph. Armor plating throughout their Superstruture would have ranged between 1.8 to 7.5-inches. Crewed by 1,965 Officers and Men, The ''O''-Class would have supported (6) 38cm Guns, (15) 15cm Guns, (8) 10cm Guns, (8) 3.7cm Guns and (20) 2cm Guns. They would have also maintained (6) 21-inch Torpedoes. The ''O''-Class were also capable ot supporting (4) Arvado Seaplanes (for Recon and Patrol). Of the (3) planned, Adolf Hitler canceled their construction, diverting Naval Funds to other Plans.