German NSDAP Flag

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By Crusader1307

Perhaps no Flag in "modern" History still provokes such feelings of hate and fear, than the Flag of The former German Political Party - known as The National Sozoalistische Deutsch Arbieterpartez, more commonly known as "The Nazi Party". Developing out of several radical political movements which originated in 1919, with Germany's defeat in World War One. The concept of "National Socialism", was not a new idea in Europe. Russia, once an Imperial State, had fallen to a similar ideology - Communism in 1917. Italy would become a forerunner of Social Fascism in the 1920s, with Spain even becoming part of Fascism's "call" in the 1930s. With The NSDAP becoming the dominate political force in Germany, it required a proper "identification". This came in 1933 when The Party adopted The Hakenkreuz Cross, better known as "The Swastika". This emblem was actually many thousands of years old (first dated to 10-13,000 years ago in The Indus Valley), and is associated with several religious practices. It is actually a symbol for "luck". In this form. The positioning of the "Swarstika" (as it is called in India), is inverted. The Party Flag was a Red Field with the Swastika symbol "mirrored" or tranversed at a 45 degree angle. The "Broken Cross" (as it became known to The Allies in World War II), was centered and encased in a White circle. It was first flown in 1933. Considered the official "National" Flag of Germany, it would continue in use until Germany fell in 1945.