German Naval Land Forces Standard

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By Crusader1307

The German High Command  (particularly it's Admiralty) during World War II, did not operate a distinctive "Marine" Infantry Corps. It did however recognize the need to differentiate the between it's Ship and Land Based Forces. The Land Based Forces were needed to protect Naval Repair Facilities, Bases etc.


These distinctive Forces, called "The Naval Land Forces", were at their highest recruitment point - over 40,000 strong. As such, they were authorized their own Standard. Somewhat complex for a simple Standard, The Naval Forces Standard was actually two Flags - combined as one. The Front Field was Light Blue in it's entirety. Centered was a Black Swastika symbol (symbol of The Nazi Political Party). The device was surrounded by a Gold Wreath. Placed behind The Swastika (and thus creating a Quartering effect), was a White Vross. In the Upper and Lower Right Quadrants were placed Golden Anchors. Conversely, a pair of Nordic Crosses were placed in the opposite Upper and Lower Left Quadrants.


The reverse Field (back of the Flag), was nearly identical to the Front, with the exception of Golden German Eagles being added in lieu of The Nordic Cross. The German Naval Land Flag was known to exist from 1939 to 1944.