German MP18 19mm Sub-Machine Gun

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By Crusader1307

The MP 18 (also dubbed The Bergmann Gun), was seen as the first “practical” sub-machine gun pressed into battlefield service. Deployed by The Imperial German Army in 1918, The MP 18 weight around 9-pounds. It fired a 9x19mm fully jacketed round and was effective up to 200 yards. Using a detachable “drum magazine” that held 32-rounds, it was considered an “open bolted, blowback” (bolt) weapon. Used in the final stages of World War I, The MP 18 was primarily used for Trench Warfare. Light, it was ideal for this type of close quarters combat. It is estimated that some 35,000 may have been produced. Adapted for use with the new German “Snail Drum” (which angled the ammunition carrier away from the weapon), The MP 18 was quite popular with Post-War German Police. Copied heavily by Britain, China and Russia, after the mid-1920a manufacture ceased in lieu of better made and higher performance automatic weapons.