German Minenwerfer

  • Artillery Thru The Age
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By Crusader1307

The German “Mine Launcher” was developed for The Imperial German Army around 1910. These guns were considered short barreled mortars and most often were equipped with wheels for mobility. A large steel plate was positioned between the wheels (in a form of a carriage). The tube of the mortar was positioned so as to allow it to be depressed or elevated. Although they were not initially designed as “anti-personnel” weapons, The Minenwerfer was used to blast openings in heavy barbed wire, light to moderate defensive breastworks (and the like). The weapon was heavy at 2,500 pounds. It had an effective range of 5,000 yards. A problem with these types of “Demi-Mortars” was the constant depressment into the mud and dirt (making quick movement very difficult). The Minenwefer was not popular.