German Messerschmitt Me-410 Heavy Bomber

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By Crusader1307

Referred to by Germany's Luftwaffe as a “Fast Bomber” or Schnellbomber – The Messerschmitt Me 410 “Hornet'' was a Heavy Bombing-Attack Fighter. Close to 2,000 were produced between 1943 and the War's end in 1945. A modification of The Me 210 Bomber, The “Hornet” first saw service over England as a Night Fighter. They were also converted to support the wing mounted Granate 21 Rocket. They were somewhat effective against The US Army Air Forces. Crewed by (2), The Me 410 was 41-feet long with a wingspan of 54-feet. They supported (2) V12 Engines which could generate almost 1,300-HP each. The “Hornet” could achieve 380-mph and had an operational ceiling of 32,000-feet. Armament included (2) 7.92mm Forward Mounted Machine Guns, (2) Forward Mounted 20mm Cannon and (2) 13mm Machine Guns which were Tail Mounted and electronically fired. As stated, The Me 410 supported (4) Granate 21 Wing Mounted Rockets. The Me 410 also could carry 4,000-pounds of Ordnance. The “Hornet” was considered one of Hitler's “favorite” Bombers. Many were used to augment The Junkers Ju 188 Bombers over Normandy in 1944. After The War, many found their way into The Soviet and British Air Forces – of which they remained until at least 1948.