German Messerschmitt Me-321 ''Gigant'' Cargo Plane

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By Crusader1307

One of several Glider Model Aircraft deployed by The German Army in World War ii, The ‘’Gigant’’ saw very limited use towards the end of The War. Used as a large Cargo Transport vehicle, as with most Glider Aircraft, it required the use of a “Tow Aircraft’’. As such – (due to it’s size), this was difficult in finding a suitable Aircraft to be able to “launch” The ‘’Gigant’’. Expensive to produce, only 200 were manufactured. First developed in 1941, The ‘’Gigant’’ required a Crew of (3). It was 92-feet in length with a wingspan of 180-feet. In Weight, The ‘’Gigant” was close to 30,000-pounds. It required (3) Tow Aircraft to be airborne. This required the (3) Aircraft to maintain a minimum of 110-mph to achieve. Once airborne, (6) 8-Cylinder Radial Engines maintained long range flight operations. Self-defense armament was either a (2) to (4) package 7.92mm Machine Gun deployment through the Glider. The ‘’Gigant’’ could support close to 80,000-pounds of weight. Other than photographs, none have survived into the 21st Century.