German Mauser Parabellum Pistol

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By Crusader1307

Although design for The Mauser Parabellum began in 1896 by Paul Mauser, production Models were manufactured more or less continually until 1961. Used early in World War II, The Mauser Parabellum waso 1.5 pounds and 6-inches long. An automatic Pistol, it was designed to fire 7.63mm, 19mm, 9mm and even a .45 caliber version. The Parabellum could use either a "Strip Clip" or standard Straight Magazine of 10-rounds.The Parabellum had a minimum range of 150 meters with a maximum range of 200 meters. The Parabellum was a standard issue weapon of Germany's Army and Air Force until replaced by The Walther (although it was still found in use by the War's end in 1945). An unusual design note was an attachable wooden stock, which could be locked onto the Mauser handle. With this deployment, it could be used as an impromptu "automatic rifle".