German Luftwaffe Ground Assault Badge

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By Crusader1307

Instituted in 1942 as an Award to Members of Germany's Luftwaffe (Air Force) during World War II, The Luftwaffe Ground Assault Badge was awarded (in various Classes), for service in defense of Air Bases, Fields and related. This also mean Anti-Aircraft Operations abroad and within Germany.


A minimum of (3) Operations on (3) different days, would allow for it's issue. The actual destruction of Enemy Aircraft or assets was not required. There were (5) different Classes awarded, with the 5th being the Highest (100 Ground Operations).


The Device was worn on the Left Breast Pocket of the Dress Uniform – and was an elongated Oval Wreath (Silver). Suspended from the Top of The Wreath was The German Luftwaffe symbol of ''Swooping Eagle'' with it's talons gripping The Swastika. A ''Bolt of Lighting'' was placed erupting from a Cloud. A number plaque was placed at the Bottom of The Wrath with the number of Operations fought. The Award was discontinued in 1945.