German ''Jade'' - Class Aircraft Carrier

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By Crusader1307

The Kriegsmarine Plan ''Z'' encompassed the theory of not only retrofitting and building a ''New Navy'' (mostly destroyed after World War I and stagnated by The Treaty of Versailles) – but the construction of Warships that were seen as ''crucial'' for the future of The German Navy. One such Class of Vessel was The Aircraft Carrier. Most ''Major Nations'' had begun to develop Aircraft Carriers for their Navies. This Class of Ship was seen as a major component to future Military Operations in future Wars. The German Kriegsmarine were well aware of this need against it two perceived Adversaries, The French and English. However, German Chancellor Adolph Hitler did not see the expansion of a Navy as that critical (concentrating more on The Army and Air Forces). As such most of Plan ''Z'', faltered (with very few proposed Warships being built). The Kriegsmarine was able to begin work on their first Aircraft Carrier, The ''Graf Zeppelin''. While Her Hull was floated and Her initial Flight Deck was installed – She went no further for the remainder of The War. Another Class of Carrier proposed in 1935 was known as The ''Jade''-Class. Envisioned at over 20,000-tons displaced, 'The ''Jade''-Class was to be 700-feet in length with a Beam of 90-feet. It was speculated that (3) Steam Turbine Engines would have supplied power, with a purposed 21-mph on open Sea. A Compliment of 900 Officers and Men was planned (to include Air Crews). Armament was stated at being (12) 4-inch Guns, (10 1.5-inch Guns and (24) .79-inch Guns. The ''Jade''-Class was to support (24) Fighters launched via Twin Steam Catapult. The (2) planned Carriers, ''Jade'' and ''Elbe'' were supposed to be completed by 1940. Neither would be.