German Heinkel P-1077 ''Julia'' Turbojet

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By Crusader1307

Part of Germany's “Emergency Fighter” Program of late 1944-45, The Heinkel P-1077 “Julia” was a Turbojet Medium Bomber Plane. Only (1) was ever completed due to the end of The War with Germany. Crewed by (1), P-1077 was 22-feet long and supported 15-foot stabilizer wings. It used (1) primary Turbojet, mounted on the top fuselage and extending the length of The Fighter. It was capable of producing 3,800-pounds of thrust. This was supported by (4) 2,700-pound “take off” Thrust Rockets. The P-1077 was rated to achieve 10,000-feet in slightly over 50-seconds. It could achieve 1,000-mph. The “Julia” was armed with (2) 30mm Cannon. (2) Variants were also designed (prototype Models). Planned for deployment from Vienna1944, the only “Julia” Interceptor was destroyed in an Allied Air Raid.