German Heinkel He-178 Turbojet

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By Crusader1307

The Heinkel He-178 is considered the World's first Turbojet Aircraft design to be successfully tested in 1939. The learned technology would advance the future of what would later be known as The ''Jet Age''. Using gas exhaust was a means of propulsion (HeS Turbojet Engine), The He-178 was 25-feet long with a wingspan of 24-feet. She achieved 380-mph on her first test run. A combat Version was built with plans to deploy it with The Polish Invasion of 1939. Only days before the general offensive, the plan was canceled. This was seen as a Branch move by The German Army to show their superiority on the ground. The use of a ''Jet Fighter'' was seen as a move which would have caused Hitler to change his priority. Jet Fighters were developed, but much more slowly – a fact that, had it been allowed to progress in 1939, would have given Hitler Jet Fighter much earlier than he did.