German Heinkel He-111 Medium Bomber

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By Crusader1307

The Heinkel He 111 Medium Bomber was a staple of The German Luftwaffe, during World War II. A 5-man aircraft, The Heinkel 111 was first produced in 1935, and was first "battle tested" in The Spanish Civil War (1936). It was the principle munitions delivery platform during The Invasion of Poland (1939). The He 111 was 53 feet long with a wingspan of 75 feet. It was capable of airspeeds of 230 mph. The operational ceiling for The Heinkel 111 was 22,000 feet. It was capable of carrying a munitions load of 2,000 pounds. It wad further armed with a forward (nose) 7.90mm Machine Gun - with twin mounted dorsal guns and one in the tail of the Bomber. 8 variants were built, with even a Model 11, designed for low level Torpedo Bomber. Over 5,500 He 111s were produced.