German Heavy Cruiser ''Blucher''

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By Crusader1307

The German Kreigsmarine Heavy Cruiser ''Blucher'' was an ''Admiral Hipper'' -Class Warship, which was originally part of Germany's Plan Z (proposed re-armament of The German Navy). Launched in 1937, She was assigned to support The Invasion of Norway in 1940. This led to The Battle of Drobak Sound (April, 1940). The ''Blucher'' was assigned to engage fortified Coastal Batteries on positions which protected Oslo. The massive land batteries scored (2) hit, damaging ''Blucher'' and starting several fires. While attempting to control these, the Land Based Batteries fired (2) Torpedoes (which scored a direct hit as well). The fires now out of control and taking on massive amounts of water, the recently commissioned ''Blucher'' sank with a loss of over 1,000 of her 1,343 Officers and Men. The loss would further reinforce Adolf Hitler's belief that Plan Z was a ''waste of resources''. ''Blucher'' displaced 18,500-tons. Measuring 666-feet with a Beam of 75-feet, Her propulsion was provided by (3) Blohm & Voss Steam Turbines. A ''3-Shafter'', ''Blucher'' could achieve 38-miles on open Seas. Armament included (8) 8-inch Main Guns, (12) 4.1-inch Guns, (12) 1.5-inch Guns (8) 0.79-inch Guns with the ability to deploy (6) 21-inch Torpedoes. The ''Blucher'' could also support (3) Sea Reconnaissance Aircraft (catapult launched). Armor plating was rated at 0.79 to 3.1-inches throughout her Superstructure and Hull. Still leaking fuel in 1994, Her wreck was designated a ''War Memorial'' due to the loss of life. Prior to this act, one of ''Blucher's'' Seaplanes (an Arado196) was recovered.