German Hansa-Brandenburg D1 Fighter Plane

  • World War I
  • Less than 1 min

By Crusader1307

Imperial Germany's Hansa-Brandenburg D1 was a Fighter Plane deployed with The Imperial German Air Service in 1916. (122) Models (and variations) were produced. Due to overall poor performance of The Hansa, most Models were given to Allied Austrian-Hungarian Air Forces. These Forces nicknamed The Hansa ''The Spider'' (due to it's extensive cross bracing on it's Bi-Wing configuration – giving it a ''web-like'' appearance) – it's Pilots also called it ''The Coffin'' (for the dangers experienced in handling). Despite this, several Austrian-Hungarian Flying ''Aces'' made their names in The Hansa D1. Crewed by a single Pilot, The ''Hansa'' was 21-feet long with a Bi-Wing span of 28-feet. Power was provided by a Single, Austro-Daimler 6-Cylinder Engine, capable of 185-HP. Airspeed was rated at 116-mph with a 16,000-foot Operational Ceiling. Armament included (1) 8mm Machine Gun.