German Gotha Go-242 Glider

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By Crusader1307

The Gotha Go-242 was a short lived German World War II Glider, which was first introduced in 1941 (and discontinued just 11 months later in lieu of better designed aircraft). Over 1,500 Production Models were constructed. The Go-242 was most of it's wartime service in North Africa. Crewed by (2), The Go-242 Glider could deploy 25 Soldiers or up to 8,000-lbs. of Equipment. Measured at 50-feet in length with a wingspan of 90-feet, The Go-242 was unusual for a Glider, in that it was armed with (4) 7.92mm Machine Guns (Front and Rear fuselage placements). Rated airspeed was determined by weight load, but The Go-242 could achieve around 190-mph.