German Gewehr M1898 7.92mm Rifle

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By Crusader1307

The primary weapon of The German Army from 1898 (hence it's Model identifier) to 1935 (and used by Home Guard Troops in The Third Reich from 1944-45, this weapon was a reliable firearm to say the least. Capable of firing the extremely powerful (for stopping power) – 7.92x57mm fully jacketed round, the Gewehr was manufactured by The Mauser Company. Weighing around 9-pounds, it had a maximum effective range of 600 yards. The weapon was bolt action and held a “clip magazine” of 5-rounds each (before reloading). The Gewehr 98 had adjustable iron sights. First used by Dutch Boers against The English in The Boer Wars of Southern Africa, the weapon could also be fitted with an 18-inch steel Bayonet. The Gewehr 98 was the principle shoulder weapon of The Imperial German Army at the start of World War I. Highly dependable in all weather conditions, many are still in existence as Sporting Rifles.