German Focke Wulf Ta152 Fighter Plane

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By Crusader1307

The German Folke Wulf Ta 152, nicknamed The “Hohenjager” (or “High Altitude Fighter”) was a late World War II Production Fighter, designed to be able to be flown high above Allied Bomber Squadrons attacking The German Fatherland. It was envisioned to be able to fly over flight of Bombers at an operational ceiling of 50,000-feet. This was done by a series of Nitrous Oxide Tanks (known as GM-1 Devices), which would give the Fighter a form of crude “rocket powered” boosting. The Ta 152 used a Jumo 213 Liquid Cooled V-12 Engine, which when operated without it’s GM-1 Booster, could achieve almost 400-mph (500 with the GM). A single seated Fighter, The Ta 152 was 35-feet long with a 45-foot wingspan. They were armed with a single 30mm Cannon (with an 85-round capacity) and (2) 20mm Cannon (with 350-rounds). (8) prototypes were attempted (with the 8[sup]th[/sup] being the only Produced). Of these 43 Models (in late 1945) – their use in Combat proved “too little, too late” to make any marked difference in Germany’s outcome in World War II. The Imperial Japanese secured a prototype in 1945 as well, but their attempts to produce a viable Fighter ended in August of 1945.