German Focke Wulf Fw-58 ''Weihe'' MP Plane

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By Crusader1307

Germany's Focke-Wulf Fw-58 ''Weihe'' was an early Luftwaffe Multi-Purpose Airplane – first deployed in 1937. Seen as an ''advanced'' Trainer for a variety of German World War II Fighter Aircraft, The Fw-58 also trained Navigators and Radio/Communication Personnel. (10) variations were developed. By 1942 however, Germany phased out The Fw-58. Many survived World War II and were sold to many South American Countries seeing service as Photo Recon and Weather Gauge Aircraft. (3) are still known to exist (although not in active service). Flown by (4) in various Combat packages, The Fw-58 was 47-feet long with a wingspan of 70-feet. Power was provided by Twin V-8 Piston Engines, capable of 240-HP. Speed was rated to 300-mph. Operational Ceiling was rated to 18,000-feet. In a combat configuration, The Fw-58 supported (2) 7.92mm Machine Guns.