German Focke Wulf F2-200 ''Condor'' Bomber

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By Crusader1307

The German Luftwaffe's Focke Wulf Fw 200 “Condor” was originally designed as a Passenger Airliner – but was converted into an effective long-range Patrol and Bomber Plane. Deployed in 1937 in their Civilian role, The Germany Military adopted them in 1939. Over 200 “Condor” Planes were produced until 1944. The vaunted British Hawker “Hurricane” proved to be too much of an adversary over France and England – with The Class of Bomber being ceased. A version of The Fw 200 was also used as a Personal Transport for Germany Leader Adolf Hitler. His was destroyed in a Hanger in Berlin during an air raid in 1944. The “Condor” (variants) – survived The War and were re-adopted back into their Civil Airliner role. Many South American Countries used them as such until the mid-1950s. The War Version of The “Condor” was Crewed by (5). They were 80-feet long with a wingspan of 108-feet. The Fw 200 could also serve as a Troop Transport (in configuration) and could carry (30) fully armed Soldiers. They were powered by (4) 9-cylinder Engines, each capable of producing 1,200-HP. The “Condor” could achieve 225-mph and was rated to 20,000-feet. Typical “Condor” armament was (4) 13mm Machine Guns deployed throughout her Fuselage and (1) 20mm Cannon in her Forward Turret.