German Flakpanzer IV Anti-Aircraft SP Gun

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By Crusader1307

Deployed in 1944, The Flakpanzer IV was a self-propelled Armored Gun designed to engaged Enemy Aircraft from both a fixed and mobile position. The Vehicle was a Panzerwagen IV Light Tank Chassis (which was a duel Tracked, 10-wheeled System). The Turret (nicknamed The “Biscuit Tin”), was an opened Armor skirting which featured a Quad-mounted 20mm Anti-Aircraft Machine Gun. The “Wirbelwind” had a 5,500-yard effective range. Equipped with a 7.92mm Machine Gin for Troop Defense, The Flakpanzer IV used a 12-cylinder Diesel Engine. It's maximum ground speed was rated at 25-mph. 20-feet long and 10-feet in width, The Flakpanzer IV was crewed by 5. Over 100 were produced late in The War, with a fairly successful Combat record.