German Enzian E1 ''Flying Missile''

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By Crusader1307

The German ''Enzian'' E1 was classified as a ''Flying Missile'' or Remote Controlled Weapon – first produced (prototype), by Germany in World War II. With Project development around 1943, The Enzian was a solid fueled (rocket) which produced around 3,500-ibf of thrust. Launched from a M163 ''Jet'' Fighter (which could support the nearly 5,000-pounds of wieght), The Emzian was guided to target via a Pilot in the ''Launch Plane''. The Enzain was designed to explode with a warhead of nearly 2,000-pounds (causing massive damage). Seen as another ''Terror Weapon'' to be used against England and The Blitz, the overall cost for development was deemed to prohibitive by Adolph Hitler. As such only (4) known production Models were ever made. Captured variants by The Allies would help further later Cold War Era ''Guided Missiles'' techical advancements.