German Dornier Do-17 "Night'' Bomber Plane

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By Crusader1307

Deployed in 1934, The German Dornier Do 17 Might Bomber was one of Germany’s most effective “Light” Bombers used during World War II. It was “battle tested” during The Spanish Civil War with The “Condor Legion”. Over 2,000 of The Bomber were produced. The Dornier Do 17 was envisioned as a short range Bomber which used the revolutionary “Twin Tail” design for better stabilization in the air. It’s long and slender fuselage design, made it harder to hit The Dornier Do 17 from the ground by Artillery (Flak), it’s nickname of “The Flying Pencil” derived from this. So successful, 3 variants were produced. Crewed by 4, The Dornier Do 17 was 52-feet long with a wingspan of 60-feet. It was powered by Twin Bramo 323 9-cyliner Radial Engines and could achieve an airspeed of over 200-mph. It’s bombing operational ceiling was rated at 26,900-feet, but was extremely effective at the somewhat dangerous height of under 18,000-feet. It’s armament included (6) 7.92mm Model 15 Machine Guns, mounted in the Front, Side Cockpit and under fuselage positions. The Dornier Do 17 could carry up to 2,000-pounds of Ordnance. Very few survived The War, with most found as wrecks on both Sea and Land. Several are currently under renovation to partially recreate this most effective of Light, low-range Bombers of Hitler’s once vaunted Luftwaffe.