German Doppelsoldner

  • Medieval Era
  • 1 min

By Crusader1307

Seen in 16th Century German, The Doppelsoldner were a form of Mercenary Soldiers. Their name translates to “double pay” men, whereas they were paid more for taking Front Line battle positions (often very dangerous). An off shoot of The Landsknechte, or German Mercenary Knights noted for their use of The Zweihander or “Great Sword”, The Doppelsoldners  were often Companies of mixed weapons. They primarily used Halberd, Sword and Crossbow. Their Uniforms were somewhat similar in that they too used the bright and contrasting colors used by The Landsknechte. Some where recruited into The Brotherhood of St. Mark – a well-known Fencing and Swordsmanship School. Thus “qualified”, The Doppelsoldner were formidable Soldiers of the mid to late Middle Ages.