German ''D''- Class Cruiser

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By Crusader1307

The ''D''-Class Cruiser (or ''Armored Ship''), was a planned series of Warships ordered by Germany's Kreigsmarine, during World War II. They were designed to counter similar French Warships already afloat at the time. The ''D''-Class was to be 20,000-tons displaced, with an average length of 750-feet. Their Beam (height) was rated at 85-feet. Plating ranged from 1 to 2-inches throughout. Crewed by up to 400, The Class was to support (6) 11-inch Guns, (8) 5-inch Guns and (8) 4-inch Guns. The massive Cruisers (while initially approved by Adolf Hitler in 1933), were originally ordered at two. He would cancel them in 1934.