German BV-155 Turbo Fighter Plane

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By Crusader1307

With only (3) built (due to the end of The War), The BV-155 was a proposed German Luftwaffe Interceptor designed to counter The American Boeing “Superfortress” High-Altitude Bomber. These Bombers were an effective”end game” to The Luftwaffe's purported defense of the skies over Berlin. Although The Messerschmitt Me 262 ''Jet” would have mad an effective counter, their were too few and spread too far to use. The BV-155 used a single liquid cooled V-12 inverted Engine which provided a Turbo Charged or “pseudo” Jet capable of air speeds ranging from 520 to 650-mph at operational altitudes of between 19,000 and 50,000-feet. The BV-155 was 40-feet long with a 70-foot wingspan. A Single seater, they could range up to 800-miles. Armament packages ranged from wing mounted 20 and 30mm Cannon (4) to Air to Air Rocket Pod Launchers. None of The BV-55s were used in Combat due to the end of The War. Similarly, none have survived either as operational models or component pieces.