German Bremer M1917 Armored Vehicle

  • Armored Fighting Vehicle
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By Crusader1307

A German designed Armored vehicle first produced in 1917, many consider The Bremer as Germany's first "true" Tank. Considered an Armored Personnel Vehicle by operation, The Bremer was a fully tracked vehicle. Featuring 1/2 inches of steel plating, The Bremer was equipped with multiple Maxim Machine Guns, and weighed 3 tons. A separate version of The Bremer featured a Half-Track, using twin front pneumatic vulcanized tires. The Bremer was also used as a Command Car. Capable of Troop transport and movement, it could possibly be The Bremer was the first Armored Personnel Carrier as well. Capable of 10 mph of speed on roads and 6 mph over battlefield scarred fields, The Bremer would continue in use even after The War.