German A34 ''Kormoran'' Multi-Purpose Missile

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By Crusader1307

The German produced A34 ''Kormoran'' is a currently deployed Multi-Purposed Missile – first deployed in 1973. The Missile was eventually designed in (2) variants (Surface to Air and Ship to Ship). The weapon was designed to be a ''Foundation'' or Primary Device used by the German Navy in The Cold War Era. It's effectiveness and long lasting design has found it even included in several other National Defenses), - such as Italy and South Africa. The Kormoran can be used via Ship to Ship, capable of penetrating up to 6-inches of Armor plating. Never envisioned as a ''Tactical Nuclear'' Device, The A34 is 8-feet long and weighs (depending on variation) close to 3,000-pounds. Using Active Homing Guidance for targeting, the typical warhead is roughly 400-pounds. Effective range is up to 2- miles. Typically, The Kormoran can achieve close to 1,500-mph, based on current figures.