German 7.5cm Mountain Gun

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By Crusader1307

The standard light Artillery piece used by German Mountain Troops (Gebirgsjaeger) in World War II, The 7.5cm Mountain Gun was a very effective weapon. Lightweight and noted for it's ease of operation, over 2,000 such field pieces were produced for The German War Effort. The 7.5cm version replaced aging WWI versions around 1938. Mountain Infantry relied on greatly on overall weight with regards to it;s weapons and equipment, The 7.5cm Piece was slightly over 1,600-pounds and was set on a wheeled axis. Overall length was 5-feet. The Piece was crewed by a 5-Man Team. The 7.5cm (3-Inch) fired a 12-pound Shell of various types (HE, Solid, Smoke etc) up to 10,000-yards. It had a 40-degree traversing ability with a 70-degree elevation. A good Crew could deploy 5 to 8 Shells per minute. A Moutain Battalion normally deployed with 3 to 4 such Pieces.