German 7.58cm Trench Mortar

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By Crusader1307

Designed and deployed late in The War, The 7.58cm Trench Mortar, was a popular Infantry suppression weapon. Made in both a Light and Heavy version, they were crewed by 6 to 21 men. Featuring a 16-inch diameter bore, the Light version was 1,367 pounds. Capable of firing 3 rounds per minute, the weapon only used it massive wheels to move it into position. The wheels would be removed upon proper field placement. It's maximum elevation was at 80 degrees. As a rifled barrel (as many during the War were smooth bore), allowed The 7.58cm to reach distances in excess of 1,800 yards. This weapon could fire, standard, high explosive and the much dreaded gas shells. It was a fixture on The Western Front.