George Booth

  • Piracy
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By Crusader1307

Possibly born in the 1670s, George Booth (England), went to sea at a young age. He very quickly got recruited by a Pirate ship and went to work learning his craft – as a gunner. He was said to have been very gifted at this vocation. In 1696, he served aboard The “Pelican” and later The “Dolphin” (both active within The Indian Ocean). In 1699, a British Warship took The “Dolphin” (and crew). Offered a pardon, only Booth and a few refused. The British left them on board their burning ship. Adrift at sea, Booth and the few survivors were picked up by a French Merchant Ship (which they promptly commandeered).


This “daring act” impressed his fellow survivors (and new French mutineers) – who elected him Captain. Booth “Wolf Packed” with another Pirate Captain – took the Slave Ship “Speaker” (which had a full load of slaves plus 50 cannon). A worthy prize, the crew sailed to Zanzibar. Going ashore, Booth and a landing party were attacked by Arabian Troops who shot Booth thru the head. A short but colorful career.