Genoese Naval Cutlass

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By Crusader1307

One of the smallest of Boarding Swords used in any Navy, The Genoese Fleet developed their Boarding Sword to encompass both Axe, Cutlass and Knife. Designed as a Straight Blade, The Genoese was Double-edged, with a blade roughly 2.5-feet long with a width of 3-Inches. The Handle of The Genoese was manufactured as a “D”-Guard which was opened at the Rear. The Upper portion of Then Handle flanged outward in a Hook. This was to “catch” Enemy Blades (much as a Sword Breaker). The Handle could also be used as “Knuckle Dusters” or “Brass Knuckles” capable of inflicting sufficient blunt force trauma to an Enemy. Somewhat heavy at 2-pounds, The Genoese was sharp enough to cut Rigging and heavy Canvas. A raised and sharpened Pommel also added to inflicting severe injuries. Until it’s annexation into The Kingdom of Sardinia in 1815, The Genoese Boarding Sword was the primary Close Quarters weapon of The Genoese Navy. After 1815, many of their Naval weapons found their way into Pirate and Privateer hands – and used even more effectively.