Carthaginian Guard

  • Ancient Greece
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By Crusader1307

The famed Guardsmen of Carthage were in reality the Personal Guard of Carthage General Hannibal. Carthage, the largest of the Ancient Great City States, maintained an effective Military in the 2nd Century BC. As such, with the rise of Hannibal so too did his need for personal protection.


The Guardsmen were selected from the Sons of Carthage Nobility. As such, being an honor of selection, they could well afford to supply and equip themselves in only the very best of Armor and equipment. The finest Lamellar Armor was crafted for The Guard. Most of these were painted bright Red, so that they would ''stand out'' on the battlefield. The Guard also used heavy leg Greaves and Conical Helmets.


As with most Greek Military Units, The Sarrisa or Phalanx Spear was the preferred weapon of choice. These were used in conjunction with Shields. These were wooden covered with metal plating, often weighing 25 to 30-pounds. The Guardsmen were also adept ''fire fighters'' – or rather an early form of Grenadiers. They used ceramic clay fashioned pots filled with liquid incendiary. Once fired, they were thrown as a Modern Grenade would be.


The Carthaginian Guard lasted well into The 2nd Punic War with Rome, until The Battle of Zama (202 BC). The Guard were utterly decimated by the superior use of Mounted Roman Infantry (Cavalry).