Gaberdine Robe

  • Medieval Era
  • 1 min

By Crusader1307

Seen as the apex of 15th Century fashion, The Gaberdine Robe was perhaps one of the most recognized during The Middle Ages. Noted for long and flowing cloth panels, The Gaberdine style of clothing would lend it's name to the soft and expensive material, still in use today. Favored by Administrators and Nobility, The Gaberdine Robe was a type of "badge of Office". They were considered an Outer garment, and were worn with Clothing made of similar material. They were more doubt based on The Dolman Robe used in The Middle East. Rich fabrics of Ermine and Silks. Made of multiple panels of fabric, The Gaberdine Robe were heavy and often, one had to gather up the cloth with one hand to move. By the mid-15th Century, a thinner cloth was developed, which was somewhat lighter. Much softer (combed), this material would be named for The Robe - Gaberdine. By the end of the 15th Century, Gaberdine Robes had been replaced by other fashion styles. They did however, continue to be used as "Robes of Office" with University Teachers and Lawyers as Ceremonial Dress .