GA Custers M1853 Sharps .44 Caliber Rifle

  • American West
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By Crusader1307

George Armstrong Custer is another name that is forever etched into the annals of American Western History. The one time Hero of The American Civil War (and the youngest Brevet Brigadier General awarded in The War), Custer would remain in The Army and be transferred out West. Assuming command of the 7th US Cavalry, He would lead an epic and foolhardy attack against thousands of native American Sioux (Himself with barely several hundred Troopers). Along with His ''name'', so too will the name of that Battle....''The Little Big Horn'', live forever.


But Custer was also an avid Hunter and Sportsman. He regularly hunted Buffalo and held target shooting matches with His Officers. One of His favorite Sporting Guns was The Sharps 1853 .44 Caliber Rifle. The ''civilian'' version of the Military Class, The Sporting Sharps featured a heavier barrel and improved sights (for distance). The Sporting version had an effective range of close to 900-yards