Funerary Hatchment

  • Heraldry
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By Crusader1307

In Heraldry as We have seen – a Hatchment is the term applied to the full display of all Awards and Mentions found on a Royal, Noble or Family Coat of Arms (as well as Crest). But when a Holder of Arms dies, traditionally – Their Crest is designed to reflect even that Act. Called a Funeral Hatchment, typically all Achievements are shown. The Coat of Arms is them either painted or stained Black (The Mourning Color). Even if Living Family Members can claim ti9tle to The Arms, It is so reflected as Black. Funerary Hatchments were displayed in Tombs or some other place of importance – to show all that a Holder was deceased. This would also be reflected in what was known as a ‘’Roll of Honor’’ (or Books of accepted Arms). Typically, after 1 year, the surviving Family could ‘’re-color’’ Their Arms (denoting an end to the Mourning Period).