Ft. Hill Garrison Flag

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By Crusader1307

Fort Hill, located on The Eastern Coast of The US State of Maine, was originally a wooden fortification that was only partially reinforced with stone. It was an ''Artillery Fort'' that was used for Coastal Defense. At the start of The War of 1812 with Great Britain, many Resident's of Massachusetts opposed The War – fearing that it would greatly ''obstruct'' many Merchants Import and Export ''businesses''. Nonetheless, they supported the Military objectives of The War.


Garrisoned by mostly local Militia, Fort Hill used a National Flag to identify it as a Military Installation. However, it looked very much different to most of The Era. Standardization of US National Flags were 100 years off. The Fort Hill Flag was more squared, which featured a series of (8) uneven Red Stripes with (7) White Stripes. The Canton in the Upper Left Corner (near The Hoist), featured a Blue Field – much smaller that traditional. (15) White Stars were placed, somewhat haphazardly throughout. The Flag saw no further service after The War, and Fort Hill would gradually fall into ruin and vanish (1820s).