French Warship ''Napoleon''

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By Crusader1307

History identifies The French ''Battleship'' - the 90 Gun ''Napoleon'' (named for France's infamous former Emperor) as being the first true steam and screw driven warship in Naval History (up to that period). Launched in 1850, ''Napoleon'' would have ''rivaled'' a more modern (20th Century) ''small'' Aircraft Carrier!. Crewed by close to 1,000 Officers and Men - ''Napoleon'' still maintain a ''Full Rigging'' Pattern (in the event of steam engine failure). So revolutionary, The French Warship would spur rapid development of Steam Warships in England as well. Displacing over 5,000-tons, ''Napoleon'' was 256-feet long with a Beam of nearly 60-feet. Her 2-cylinder steam engines could support a nautical speed of 12-knots (13-mph). ''Napoleon'' deployed  mostly 24 to 32-pound Cannon. Capable of long voyages, ''Napoleon'' could store food for 3-months and maintain enough coal in Her bunkers to support ''full steam'' for 9-days! Not launched until 1854, She (and several other Steam Ships of Her name given Class), would supported The Allied Naval Squadron against Russia and Turkey during The Crimean War. A staple of The French Navy until 1876 - ''Napoleon'' would spend Her last years as a Training Vessel, before She was stricken from Naval Registry and scrapped. But She would serve as the first template for the future of Naval Warfare in the comming centuries.