French ''Triomphant''-Class Submarine

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By Crusader1307

The French Navy's current ''Front Line'' Submarine is The ''Triomphant''-Class. Only (4) have been commissioned (the last in 2010), The Class supports (16) M51 Nuclear Ballistic Missiles (each supporting up to (10) Warheads. Each Missile has a roughly effective range of close to 4,000 miles. The average yield of each as well is around 110-KT. The ''Triomphant''-Class also deploys  (4) Torpedoes and several Exocet Missiles (which can be launched while submerged). The Class is propelled by a Nuclear Reactor which produces over 40,000-HP at full bore. Crewed by 115 Officers and Men, The Class also supports some of the more advanced Radar, Sonar and Communications Systems currently in used in many NATO Navies. The Class is 450-feet in length with a Beam of 40-feet. Typically The ''Triomphant''-Class displaces 14,000-tons.